Focus on Gratitude

It is said that energy grows where attention flows. Whatever we focus our attention on is what expands. Since gratitude is such a wonderful feeling, it just makes good sense then to focus as much attention on it as possible. The benefits only multiply from practicing gratitude. You feel amazing focusing on what you're grateful … Continue reading Focus on Gratitude


Expectations can really set you up for disappointment, and even depression. Sometimes you don't even realize you were stuck on some kind of expectation, until you feel disappointed. That disappointment feeling can be crushing, but it is also a great indicator that it is time to start feeling more appreciation. If you can refocus your … Continue reading Expectations

A circle of things

I recently heard this great piece of advice given about dealing with feeling overwhelmed with all the things to do with modern life. Essentially they said to put everything you can actually do something about into one imaginary circle, and then put everything that you cannot presently do anything about into another circle. Then just … Continue reading A circle of things