I learned a technique that I’m putting into practice, which is to notice where my attention goes. I don’t know about you, but I can get wrapped up in fearful thoughts and then suddenly I lose the time and place that my body is actually in. Or I’m sucked so deeply into the vortex of my iPhone, that I don’t notice when the day has turned into night.

If I remember to notice where my attention is, then I can see that I’m stuck in my phone or lost in a fearful thought rather than being present. The simple act of noticing where my attention is placed is enough to pull me out of my thought spiral.

This may be something that can help you too. Start to notice where your attention lies. Once you notice it, then you have the power to direct it onto something better, like maybe to the lovely person beside you, who’s just beyond the glare of that phone screen you pay way too much attention to.

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