Distractions are plentiful and they're destructive. They seem to help in avoiding stress, or loneliness, or an overloaded schedule. Distractions start out seeming to help ease those burdens, but unfortunately they soon become a huge burden themselves. It's often better to just close the app, shut off the TV, put the phone down, and face … Continue reading Distractions


It takes intention to choose kindness, but ultimately it's a stress-free choice. Being kind holds no dishonesty or resistance with it. Being kind helps your heart feel light and free. Sometimes being kind means separating or even ending a relationship. Sometimes being kind means not giving something materialistic to your loved one even when they … Continue reading Kindness


In my lifetime, I've been happy-go-lucky, easygoing, not wanting to ruffle feathers, just kinda drifting, and I've also been deliberately focused, staying on track, making decisions based on what was best for me. The easygoing option might have been heavenly for the toxic people in my life, but I was stagnant and personally suffered. Being … Continue reading Deliberate


Communication is absolutely key to relationships. But it isn't just about speaking with words. We communicate with our actions, our micro-actions, and even with our energy and vibes. People, especially those close to you, can get the message from you without a single word being uttered. So, be sure you are communicating what you want … Continue reading Communication

Ask Good Questions

Communication is key to good relationships. And being interested in what the other person has to say is an integral part of connecting with them. So, the best way to connect, is to ask good questions. Ask questions, and then really listen to the responses. You'll gain respect and admiration from your attention and insight. … Continue reading Ask Good Questions