What goes on inside

I've struggled with wanting to control everything around me, thinking that way I could guarantee my happiness. But that has only just brought on more anxiety. It's impossible to anticipate and control every little thing in the world around you. Especially when dealing with a world changing global pandemic. Wayne Dyer said "You cannot always … Continue reading What goes on inside

New Choice

Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Gabrielle Bernstein, shares a great 3-step method on how to deal with anxiety or with any negative thought. She advises to: Notice the fearful thoughtForgive the thoughtProactively choose a better-feeling thought This reminds me of an Improv game I used to play, called "new choice".  It's a way to … Continue reading New Choice

Who’s inside your mental house?

When I was a kid at a sleepover, we watched this scary old movie on a fresh Blockbuster VHS rental, called When a Stranger Calls. And in the climax of this movie --*SPOILER ALERT* (sorry, but the movie was ancient even in the 90's when I saw it) -- but the terrifying reveal was that … Continue reading Who’s inside your mental house?


Once upon a time, I learned a great coping mechanism from that ginger-haired fictional heroine, Kimmy Schmidt. She said that “a person can stand just about anything for 10 seconds.” So, if you’re in some seemingly unbearable situation, just take it 10 seconds at a time. And once you make it through that 10 seconds, … Continue reading Unbreakable

Clean up that lens

"The world is so bright I gotta wear shades!" What lens are you choosing to see the world through? We all have our own unique worldview perspective, brought on by our default programming. This programming creates a filter through which we see the outside world. And based on this filter, our magnificent brains will constantly … Continue reading Clean up that lens

Appreciation by Default

Look for the Good. Look for what you like. Look for what you what you Appreciate. There is always something to celebrate! Look for the good everywhere. These statements could have been pulled from the script of any self-help guru. (Of which I have studied many!)  I love reading those statements.  Even when they pop … Continue reading Appreciation by Default

Defending yourself is a waste of energy

I'm sure you've heard the sage advice to not worry about what others think of you.  Someone has even effectively put it all nice and blunt, perfectly phrasing it to fit inside a fortune cookie with these words: What others think of you is none of your business! It's great advice.  And you know what?  It … Continue reading Defending yourself is a waste of energy

The Boo-Boo Story

Think about it: a belief is just a thought you keep thinking We've all felt attacked before.  Maybe you were attacked for expressing your point of view. It hurts, right?  No one wants to be attacked.  Aren't we all entitled to our perspective?  Doesn't it make you angry when someone attacks you just for living your … Continue reading The Boo-Boo Story