Everything in our life involves a relationship. That includes the relationship we have with ourselves. In fact, that one is fundamental. Your relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with anyone else. If you don't respect yourself, you have no respect to give another. If you don't love yourself, you have no love to give. … Continue reading Relationship


Confidence is an extremely powerful value. That's why your confidence is always under attack. You can't be scared or influenced unless your confidence is weakened. And so, you're bombarded with all kinds of messaging, showing you how inadequate you are, how flawed, all so that you will willingly subscribe to certain groups or buy certain … Continue reading Confidence


Intelligence is not the same as knowledge. It's actually how well you use knowledge that determines your intelligence. Intelligence is not the same as education. There are incredibly intelligent people who never benefited from a proper education, and there some terrifically moronic dunces who have acquired all the formal education that money can buy. It … Continue reading Intelligence

Previous Experience

Previous experience may help you gain a bit of wisdom, but don't make the mistake in thinking it's a reliable roadmap for what lies ahead. Life is creative, adaptive and surprising. And it's all about what's in front of you, not behind. So, previous experience is great for character development, but it is not something … Continue reading Previous Experience