A couple of benefits from having a dedicated meditation practice:

When you train your brain to slow down and focus on the present moment during meditation, it carries over into the rest of your day. You start to find that your awareness is almost ahead of the frenzy of life happening all around you. It’s a bit like how they depict what goes on with the superpowers of super speed in those comic book movies. Because that speedy hero can go super fast, everything around them looks like it’s in slow motion, so they have time to get ahead of the action.

With meditation, you train your brain to focus on the present moment. When you focus on what’s happening in the moment, it’s as if you can zero in on someone’s actions and reactions happening in the immediate now, and seemingly even before they’re consciously aware of it themselves. It’s as if you can anticipate exactly what they will say or do, even before they do. All this, from simply being fully present, focused and relaxed.

This could definitely give you an advantage over others. You could dominate any interaction, just by being able to anticipate what someone is about to say or do.

And yet, there’s another benefit from meditating that shows you the folly in that train of thought.

By consistently meditating, you gain a pure understanding of compassion and empathy. You realize that it’s kinder, and much more important, to just let others be to make their own choices. You choose to step out of their way, even if you can clearly see that they’re about to say or do something they might end up wishing they hadn’t. It’s still their choice to make, and from the compassion gained by meditating, you learn to let it be.

You honor their free will and all, and you choose not to act superior. Acting superior only makes things worse in the end, not better. And truly, the benefit you’ve gained is your compassion for their path, not your sense of being way more cool than them.

Compassion and hyper focus: those are just two benefits from meditating. There are countless others, which makes this practice pretty super, especially since it’s so easy to do.

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