Forgiveness is not One-and-Done

Practicing forgiveness is so important for your mental health. Forgiveness helps free you from the burden of being weighed down by anger and resentment. But it doesn't have to be such a significant and ultimate decision. I recently heard author Glennon Doyle give this great description of forgiveness. She said, Forgiveness is not a before … Continue reading Forgiveness is not One-and-Done

Practice Forgiveness

It's important to take care of yourself. And practicing forgiveness actually takes care of you more than whoever it is you should forgive. Holding on to anger, grudges and resentment affects your health, not the jerk you feel it towards. Forgive, and forgive often. I write this for myself as much as anyone reading this. … Continue reading Practice Forgiveness

Grow Through It

We grow from discomfort. We might prefer to always stay comfortable, but comfort can lead to stagnation which stops any kind of growth. And if we're not growing we're dying. Building strong muscles and a tight waistline comes from pushing past your comfort zone, lifting heavy weights, and breaking a sweat. Building new professional skills … Continue reading Grow Through It

Listen and Tune in.

Louise Hay was a wonderful author and teacher. One of my favorite books of hers, You Can Heal Your Life, has this ingenious index, where she lists common ailments you may suffer from, along with the underlying emotional cause of each particular "dis-ease." And then she offers a new thought pattern to practice and encourage … Continue reading Listen and Tune in.


Eckhart Tolle recently brought up a famous quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." Hamlet should know. He was an awfully introspective fellow, always dancing around in his head with those heavy thoughts of his. And the message is important. Things, experiences, situations, and relationships are … Continue reading Introspection

A circle of things

I recently heard this great piece of advice given about dealing with feeling overwhelmed with all the things to do with modern life. Essentially they said to put everything you can actually do something about into one imaginary circle, and then put everything that you cannot presently do anything about into another circle. Then just … Continue reading A circle of things

What goes on inside

I've struggled with wanting to control everything around me, thinking that way I could guarantee my happiness. But that has only just brought on more anxiety. It's impossible to anticipate and control every little thing in the world around you. Especially when dealing with a world changing global pandemic. Wayne Dyer said "You cannot always … Continue reading What goes on inside

New Choice

Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Gabrielle Bernstein, shares a great 3-step method on how to deal with anxiety or with any negative thought. She advises to: Notice the fearful thoughtForgive the thoughtProactively choose a better-feeling thought This reminds me of an Improv game I used to play, called "new choice".  It's a way to … Continue reading New Choice

Who’s inside your mental house?

When I was a kid at a sleepover, we watched this scary old movie on a fresh Blockbuster VHS rental, called When a Stranger Calls. And in the climax of this movie --*SPOILER ALERT* (sorry, but the movie was ancient even in the 90's when I saw it) -- but the terrifying reveal was that … Continue reading Who’s inside your mental house?


Once upon a time, I learned a great coping mechanism from that ginger-haired fictional heroine, Kimmy Schmidt. She said that “a person can stand just about anything for 10 seconds.” So, if you’re in some seemingly unbearable situation, just take it 10 seconds at a time. And once you make it through that 10 seconds, … Continue reading Unbreakable