Start Believing

If you're looking for harmony with others, start believing that your interactions will be harmonious. If you're looking for respect from others, start believing that people do show respect. If you're looking for understanding from others, start believing that people are inherently understanding. As with everything we experience, our relationships with other people are first … Continue reading Start Believing

Appreciation by Default

Look for the Good. Look for what you like. Look for what you what you Appreciate. There is always something to celebrate! Look for the good everywhere. These statements could have been pulled from the script of any self-help guru. (Of which I have studied many!)  I love reading those statements.  Even when they pop … Continue reading Appreciation by Default

Defending yourself is a waste of energy

I'm sure you've heard the sage advice to not worry about what others think of you.  Someone has even effectively put it all nice and blunt, perfectly phrasing it to fit inside a fortune cookie with these words: What others think of you is none of your business! It's great advice.  And you know what?  It … Continue reading Defending yourself is a waste of energy