Happy Choice

Happiness doesn't come from things, other people, or circumstances. It must come from inside of yourself. Just think about how someone could be really happy under certain circumstances, like traveling overseas, and yet another person could be miserable under the very same situation. So it's not the situation, it's the perspective of the person that … Continue reading Happy Choice

When Silence is Golden

It's ironic, but the times that I've been the most effective in conflict, have been the times that I've been extremely selective with my words, or even silent in reply. Those were the times when silence was golden. I say it's ironic because we have this instinct to want to make our case, and present … Continue reading When Silence is Golden


It takes dedication to consistently show up for yourself, but there's no better feeling than knowing you've acted with integrity. Integrity is acting with honesty, even when there's no one else around to know about it. Integrity is following through on the commitments you've made to yourself, simply because you believe that you're worth it. … Continue reading Integrity