Jumping to Conclusions

We've all been guilty of jumping to conclusions. That usually means making a hasty judgement that isn't correct. It's called "jumping" because when that happens you get right into it, you don't cautiously stroll up to it. Jumping is risky, and jumping to conclusions rarely pays off. So, try to be less hasty, more aware … Continue reading Jumping to Conclusions


The idea of equality can be tricky as it doesn't guarantee fairness. Equality could provide the same exact resources to everyone, however everyone doesn't experience the same circumstances and therefore wouldn't benefit from the resources equally. On the other hand, equity is when the different circumstances are considered, and so the resources are allocated accordingly … Continue reading Equality


Every action, every choice has a reaction, or consequences. This should be considered. It shouldn't paralyze you from making a choice, but it should most certainly be considered before doing so. Every choice has it's consequences. It's not avoidable, but it can be effective in narrowing down the best possible choice for your own consideration. … Continue reading Consequences


We're all so tired, because we are vastly overstimulated. And, somehow we've confused rest with distraction. We need a rest from stress, but instead of actually giving ourselves that, we distract ourselves with any number of modern-day dopamine-dripping distractions. That is not rest, that is more stimulation! It's no wonder we are exhausted. It may … Continue reading Rest


Everything in our life involves a relationship. That includes the relationship we have with ourselves. In fact, that one is fundamental. Your relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with anyone else. If you don't respect yourself, you have no respect to give another. If you don't love yourself, you have no love to give. … Continue reading Relationship


Confidence is an extremely powerful value. That's why your confidence is always under attack. You can't be scared or influenced unless your confidence is weakened. And so, you're bombarded with all kinds of messaging, showing you how inadequate you are, how flawed, all so that you will willingly subscribe to certain groups or buy certain … Continue reading Confidence