This has been an extremely challenging year. That is not a surprising statement to anyone reading it and currently living through this year of so-called perfect vision: 2020. In fact, "challenging" may be an understatement. Regardless, we're going through it, and soon it will end. Just like each of our individual stories will eventually come … Continue reading Expiration

Great Expectations

Have you heard the advice on how expectations can affect your happiness? It's usually meant to advise against setting yourself up for disappointment by having expectations that are bound to fail. And these expectations are most always about others and their behavior. But what if instead, we had expectations for how we've decided to see … Continue reading Great Expectations


The anticipation of something happening is almost always a much more delicious experience than the actual event. Visualizing all of the exciting recreation for that upcoming vacation, planning the wedding of the century, working towards that degree which promises so many job opportunities, or merely dreaming of the time coming up when things will finally … Continue reading Anticipation

Forgiveness is not One-and-Done

Practicing forgiveness is so important for your mental health. Forgiveness helps free you from the burden of being weighed down by anger and resentment. But it doesn't have to be such a significant and ultimate decision. I recently heard author Glennon Doyle give this great description of forgiveness. She said, Forgiveness is not a before … Continue reading Forgiveness is not One-and-Done