An Empowering Choice

One of the most powerful pieces of advice I’ve ever received, is that it’s vital to mindfully give your energy and attention to what you are for, rather than what you are against.

There’s a lot of bad behavior out there, and too much negativity, but it does no good to feed it your energy and attention. And pointing out what you think is wrong in others will only cause fighting and defensiveness. The worst part about that is, it’s not only a waste of your energy, but it completely drains it, making you feel deflated and small.

Choosing to give your attention to what you are for enhances your energy, making you feel expansive and wonderful, while uplifting others around you.

So, think of it as a focus pivot. Once you notice your energy draining, and your attention is focused on what you don’t want, switch it onto what you do want.

Directing your energy away from what you are against, towards what you are for, is a choice you’ll be making repeatedly, each and every day. But it’s the most empowering choice you can ever make.

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