I feel the most peaceful when I know that I have acted with kindness, decency, and honesty.

It hasn’t always been a charmed life for me. I don’t believe any of us ultimately get away scot-free, completely sheltered from adversity.

The thing is, that whenever I’ve acted out in retaliation to my oppressor, when I’ve lashed back at them in the same manner of viciousness, it’s only made the issue worse. Whenever I’ve thrown back the same nastiness that I’ve been given, it just seemed to make losers of the both of us. It’s frustrating, but true. Not to mention the fact that the meanest people also seem to be the most expert, professional victims that you can find.

There’s that old saying about revenge: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” In other words, revenge will kill you both. There is no winner in that case.

The only way to have peace is to maintain a loving heart, knowing that you’ve been kind, decent and honest. Leave it up to them to dig their own grave.

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