There is a lot of talk in the self-development world about authenticity, about being our most authentic self.

The thing about that, is we get to decide who we are. We get to choose what we value. But in order to be authentic, we need to get real clear on what we’ve chosen for ourselves, and then we need to show up as that self, consistently.

One of Dolly Parton’s famous quotes, or “Dollyisms” is to: “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” We all seem to truly know and love Dolly. She’s clear about who she is, she does it on purpose, and her persona comes across loud, clear and sincerely authentic.

We each get to decide who we want to be in this world, but then the key is to really become it. Becoming who you’ve decided you want to be, is how you get to live with authenticity.

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