Heal the World

We experience the world from our own perspective. And when we feel a strong need to fix something out there, it’s really a reminder that we have something to address from within ourselves.

Jesus spoke of this, when he said: “Before you attempt to remove a speck from the eye of another, take the log out of your own eye.”

When we see something that needs to be corrected in the world, it’s primarily a call to improve our inner world. We are looking through a flawed perspective, and so it makes sense then, that what we are looking at appears to be flawed.

One of my favorite quotes from Jesus is: “Physician, heal thyself.” In fact, that’s such a top-ten hit of mine, forever rattling around my brain, that I sometimes forget Jesus said it, and that I first read it in the Bible, way back in grade school.

In any case, it’s a perfect lesson. Physician, heal thyself.

If you want to help heal the world, you have to start with yourself. Each one of us are the vital components that make up the world. So to heal it, we must begin with ourselves.

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