We are Verbs

As a living, breathing, human being, a person should realize that they are much more like a verb than a noun. A verb is a word of action and movement. A verb describes progression, or more simply: progress. Human beings need to keep progressing, or they will perish.

Let’s switch gears here for a bit, and look at this concept from a less ominous lens.

Think of bathing. You wouldn’t expect the last bath or shower you took to last you for the rest of your life, and then your children’s lives and then their children’s lives, and so on, would you? So why then, would you think that an ideology can stick around past it’s time without ending up stinking?

Time marches on, whether that’s convenient or not. The world erodes, changes, and renews itself constantly, and it takes innovation and progress in the ideas and belief systems of the people, in order to keep up.

We are living, breathing, human beings, and that means that we are constantly in motion, moving forward with time. In fact, the only reason that the people living today are actually around to brag about it, is because they are the results of bold ancestors who bravely marched forward with innovative ideas on how to survive and thrive.

The ones who didn’t make it were the ones who chose to paralyze themselves, staying rooted to the past, gripped full of fear. Another word for fearful is cautious. And it just so happens that another word for cautious is conservative.

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