Friendly Suggestion

You don’t have to hold an opinion about every topic that comes your way.

It’s just not possible to know everything there is to know about every little thing, so most of the time any opinion that you’re defending is simply on shaky ground. That’s a weak stance to maintain.

That weakness can breed insecurity. Before you know it, that insecurity has left you angry, and masterly playing a victim. Open up twitter at any given moment, and you’ll see tons of these expert victims blasting and defending their own shaky opinions.

It’s so much more powerful to listen as often as you can, and keep most of your opinions to yourself. That is, at least until you’ve done enough listening to learn how valid your initial opinions really are.

Of course, this is all just advise I’m offering based on my own humble opinion about contemporary communication and human relations, so please only take it as a friendly suggestion.

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