I believe that if you’re having trouble with a decision in life, particularly on deciding if choosing one way is the right choice, then that means that it is not.

The best choice is to stop struggling with a decision. The decision is no. The best course of action is to move on from this choice. Trust your inner wisdom. The struggle and indecision you’re feeling is all because you are fighting that inner wisdom. Your resistance is against your higher self.

If the choice was right for you, it would be, as they say, a no-brainer. In other words, the right path is guided by your higher self, it’s not up to your brain’s creation, the ego.

Pay attention to your feelings. If a decision is a struggle, then the choice is clear. Go forward on the path of the least resistance. Contemplate the struggle only long enough to remember that it’s pointing to the fact that the choice you’re struggling to make is already a no. And then enjoy the fact that the opposite choice is the best choice for you, and is what you really wanted all along.

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