Real Peace

I used to rehearse arguments in my head, (or out loud while alone in the shower) with all of the antagonists in my life. Sure, I would come up with some amazing zingers that would make the writers of Dynasty proud, but in reality they just never came up at the right time. Also, all of those arguments seemed to create an even worse imaginary retaliation from my pretend sparring partner. So, all of this make-believe viciousness would only just make me feel actually terrible for fighting, rather than enjoying my shower, and the peace that is available in my own thoughts.

The truth is that I really don’t enjoy the feeling of fighting with anybody. Even if it appears that I’m right, the residual feeling from having an unfriendly altercation is much worse than any possible feeling of victory. I’d rather feel good than fight to feel right. Especially if most of the fighting is only imaginary anyway.

Nowadays, I try to be more mindful of keeping the peace in my head, in my showers, and in my relationships, both imaginary and real.

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