Over the last few weeks I’ve scrolled through more screen time on my phone than I ever have. It seems to be draining the battery faster now, and has gotten to where I need to charge it at least twice a day. I’m also noticing that it gets overheated from working too hard.

I’m always asking the Universe for signs on what I need to focus on in my life, and now I realize it’s literally in my hands. The heated phone burning my hands is a sign that I’m overusing it to divert my attention away from the anxiety I’m feeling. It’s also a symbol of my overheated brain that’s working just as hard, being overstimulated in a misguided attempt at distraction. The problem is, I don’t have a battery percentage indicator for my brain, letting me know when it’s time to plug back in for a recharge, so I end up draining my own energy way past the recommended levels.

Perhaps it’s time to pay attention to the signs that I’m using my phone too much for my own good, and also pushing my brain too much for its own good. I need to take it easy on both of them, give myself more a of chance to let them rest and recharge. A standard wall socket and charger will do for my phone, while meditation and naps will do wonders for recharging my brain.

How are you doing? Are you getting enough rest, taking breaks from online media and social networks, and even detaching a bit in regular meditation? Or are you overheating your batteries, letting them drain down to extremely low levels?

Take care of yourself. These are anxiety ridden times we’re living through, but overthinking, and overstimulating an already wound up brain will wreck you. After all, it’s not like you’re a smartphone who can just go to the genius bar, and get a new battery under warranty.

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