Right Around the Corner

Maybe things haven't happened in your favor. Maybe you haven't arrived at your dream destination. All it means, is that it hasn't happened yet. Your dream destination and favorable conditions may be just right around the corner. Keep going. Because, if things haven't yet happened how you dreamed they would happen, then that means that … Continue reading Right Around the Corner


Visualization is an incredible tool that can help you manifest your dreams. Visualizing is actively creating images of the circumstances that you want. Even better, it can create the sensations of those circumstances, sort of like it's your own home-made virtual reality. When the aspects of these images and sensations become fully realized, they can … Continue reading Visualization

Happy Choice

Happiness doesn't come from things, other people, or circumstances. It must come from inside of yourself. Just think about how someone could be really happy under certain circumstances, like traveling overseas, and yet another person could be miserable under the very same situation. So it's not the situation, it's the perspective of the person that … Continue reading Happy Choice