Focus on what you want

Make the most of winter.

Louise Hay says:

The more we dwell on what we don’t want, the more we get it.

This is how the Law of Attraction works most consistently for us. You see, in its essence, the Law of Attraction means like attracts like.

The thing is, we are all programmed to get angry, sad, mad, and complain about what we don’t want. But because of the Law of Attraction, all that this does is keep those things in our life. Which only feeds our addiction in getting angry, sad, mad, and complaining about being bombarded with all of these things that we don’t want.

Turns out, this vicious cycle is big business for advertisers, cable news networks, politicians, churches, and the like, who can all profit from it. They just feed us with things we are against, and we’ll do the rest to keep railing against them. This only keeps these things coming; keeping us tuned in, shouting our support, and filling those pews, while we listen to stories about all of the things we don’t want.

So how do you get out of this swamp?

You change it, by pointing to, and focusing on the things that you do want. And… here’s the important part… by not looking back at the other way. By not looking back at the things you don’t want.

Like the story of Lot’s wife in the Bible. She was warned to flee the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with her family, and when they did flee, to not look back. She looked back anyway, and was turned into a pillar of salt.

Now, that’s a story from the Old Testament of the Bible. The same book that sadly gets twisted and weaponized so much, but really is filled with allegories, and messages of truth. You just have to let it speak to You, and not let someone else interpret it for you. This also includes me.

The main point that I’m making here, is that the Law of Attraction is real. It is a law. It supersedes any creed, philosophy or persuasion out there. And it is the most powerful, and fundamental law of the entire Universe. Even better, its incredibly simple. The law states that Like Attracts Like. What you focus on, only brings more of the same.

So focus on what you want.

Turn your focus away from what you do not love, and focus only on what you do love. Then more and more of that will come into your life. So much so, that all the evils you saw before, will be crowded out. There simply is no room for the things that you’re against, when your world is filled with what you love.

Focus on what you love.

There is much love here for you. ~FoxZM

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