A tricky thing happens as we try to be enlightened humans by staying present in the now.

Our human brains tend to want to be in a perpetual mode of review.

It reviews past lessons, and similar circumstances we’ve either lived through, or learned about, all in an attempt to keep us safe and alive.

This is wonderful, beautiful, and absolutely awesome that we have these supercomputers in our heads running reviews of the past to keep us alive in the present.

And, yet, this is where mindfulness helps.

Mindfulness helps train that supercomputer another skill set, which is to give the whole review process a nice pause every so often.

This way we aren’t always living in the past or its lessons, but also adding to the mix new treasures that can only be found in the present.

So, it’s good to review, but imperative to train your brain so it can also chill out on all of that.

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