How often do you truly listen to others?

Are you really listening to what they’re saying?

Or does it all sound like so much yakety-yak, because all you’re doing is waiting for a pause until you can speak?

And really, do you think they’re even listening to you when it’s your turn, or might you just sound like yakety-yak to them?

Have we gotten so wrapped up in ourselves, that we can’t even hear each other?

Most people don’t want to be called on the phone anymore. They’d rather get a text message, because a phone call requires that they actually listen, and do it at the time of the call.

And yet, everyone still wants to be heard and acknowledged.

That means we also each need to step up, listen, and actually decipher the yakety-yak coming from our fellow humans.

3 thoughts on “Yakety-Yak

      1. Yes sir, having constructive, productive and intellectual minds sure makes it easier… being polite sure necessitate a pseudo form of listening though

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