Say When

Food servers sometimes offer great wisdom.

They gain it from dealing directly with people and helping them get what they need.

Like offering cracked pepper on a dinner salad.

The quick catchphrase they offer when crushing the pepper is, “say when.” This lets you know that you get to determine the perfect amount of pepper you want on your salad, and it happens when you say it will happen.

This is just like dealing with the creation of your perfect life. It happens when you deliberately choose what you want for it, and it starts happening precisely when you decide.

You say when, and then start working to make it happen.

The end result might look differently than how you first imagined it. This is a life we’re talking about, it’s a lot more complicated than a salad.

But if you make the choice to create it, and go for it, you will have a life that you created, rather than a collection of days that simply slip by.

You can have a hand in creating life your way, just say when.

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