Waste of Time

Being concerned with other people’s opinions about you is an utter waste of time.

The truth is that their opinions aren’t even about you, they are about themselves and their own perspective on the world, as warped as that may be.

And I’ve known some warped individuals. I’m sure you have, too.

I’ve also discovered that whenever I’ve been worried about someone’s opinion about me, that whatever they’ve zeroed in on didn’t even matter to me until I decided to give a flying you-know-what about what they’ve pointed out.

I’ve wasted time then, worrying about it and thinking it mattered. It doesn’t.

Their opinion is about them.

So, join me in giving it back to them to deal with. And let’s all stop wasting our time on it.

That way we’re free to feel our innate, innocent bliss, and then help inspire this to be a happier world.

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