Much like a typical calendar year, we have different seasons in our lives.

They come and they go, and there are benefits and challenges to each one.

You would do yourself a favor if you could learn to appreciate the season you are in, as you are in it. Because seasons do come and go, but they don’t ever repeat. Not exactly.

Even if you get to see another season that seems almost identical to one you’ve been in before, you won’t be the same as you were before.

You’ll be older, more seasoned, so to speak.

And when you try to recapture a moment just as it was before, you set yourself up for potential disappointment.

Your best course of action is to fully embrace the season you are in, and get all the benefits out of it that you can.

Because it won’t last forever.

Seasons come and they go.

That’s part of the magic of life.

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