Good Living

The goal for me is not to live a long time, necessarily, but to feel really good about living for as long as possible.

What’s the point in getting to be 110 years old, if you’re mostly incapacitated, and perpetually agitated?

The goal shouldn’t be to stay alive for as long as possible at all costs. Because if quality of life is what it costs to stay alive for a long time, then I say I can’t afford it.

Life is a gift, and it should be enjoyed. The best thing you can do is take really good care of yourself before any problems might arise, and then cherish your days while you can.

Not much is guaranteed. But healthy or sick, we each only have a limited amount of days to get as much living and joy in as is humanly possible. If it becomes a choice between a good life, or a long life, I’ll gladly choose to have had a good life.

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