Absolutely Unique

Everyone wants to live in a world where everyone else sees the world through their perspective. Everyone wants to be right, and they want to be acknowledged as being on the right side of history.

But when we refuse to see that everyone else has their own unique perspective too, and when we refuse to acknowledge that there can be many valid sides to a story, that’s when division happens.

It’s impossible for everyone to think that they alone are right (and therefore everyone else is wrong), without causing massive conflict. We have to start acknowledging that other people may see the world differently from us, and let that be okay.

There’s a quote from the famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead, that goes: Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Yes, you are unique, and special, and you have opinions and ideas that are important. But so does everyone else. And if they don’t fully agree with yours, that doesn’t have to mean that one of you is wrong. It certainly doesn’t mean that one of you must be eliminated.

Actually, those differences should be celebrated and valued, more often than not. It takes all kinds of ideas and perspectives to run this beautifully complex world. Thank goodness that every single one of us are absolutely unique.

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