They say that life is short. Depending on what you’re comparing it against, that could be true. But it doesn’t need to be a devastating fact. It doesn’t need to be a worry.

There are two things that can help make that devastating worry vanish: appreciating each and every day as they come, and having faith that what comes next is even better.

If you make a point to be fully present for at least some of each day, and truly embody living in gratitude for what that day brings, then the worry that time is slipping through your fingers just seems silly. You only feel like you’ve lost a day if you didn’t take the time to appreciate it.

People may worry about how short life is because they fear death. Death isn’t scary when you realize that there’s really no end, just a transition.

They say that life is short. That doesn’t need to be something that concerns you. Instead, it should be a reminder to get as much living out of your life as you can, while you can.

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