I have one of those day-to-day calendars. This one has a fresh quote each day from author Jen Sincero, who wrote the bestseller: You are a Badass.

Today’s quote is “LOVE YOURSELF And life becomes a party.”

It’s a great quote, and considering that today is my birthday (I actually write these posts the night before I publish, in case anyone is keeping track ;), but considering that it’s my birthday, I choose to see this timely message as yet another way of the universe showing me how much I’m loved.

After all, the message is to love myself, and life becomes a party. I take this as encouragement to keep the celebrations going. I don’t have to settle for just the day of my birth to get a party. All I have to do is tap into the magic of love, and my whole life becomes a party!

We all get this chance. The best part, is that it’s the easiest thing in the world to tap into the magic of love, because we just need to start with loving ourselves!

Love yourself. And celebrate each and every day.

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