Today I read a piece of advice on forgiveness from Jen Sincero. She said: “If you’re feeling hurt or resentful toward some A-hole you don’t care about, free yourself and let it go instead of stewing on it or getting revenge… get over it. Let it go. The longer you stay attached to being vindicated, the longer they hang around in your consciousness, stinking up your life.”

This really hit home, because try as I might, I still have trouble letting go of my resentment towards a particularly nasty A-hole that I used to work with. She was abusive, underhanded, toxic, and “A-hole” is the most perfectly descriptive word for her, because she was/is full of caca. Really, I should have known she was Trouble from the get-go, as the word, “devil” is literally part of the spelling in her name.

Regardless of how much I resent her, and the unjust abuse I suffered from her, Jen Sincero is right; I don’t care about her, and the longer I stay attached to feeling vindicated, the longer she just gets to hang out in my mind as a constant reminder of that toxic chapter I suffered through in dealing with her. The best thing I can do is let the devil go, and forgive her as well as myself for hanging onto seeking vengeance.

Can you relate? Is there an A-hole, (or A-holes) from your past, that you’re holding onto in your mind? I say, forgive them and let it go, just like I’m deciding to do. Don’t worry, the forgiveness isn’t for them so much as it’s for you, so that you can finally-finally be free of them.

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