Empathy is a superpower. One that I believe we are all gifted with, but must each individually develop to it’s full power.

Empathy is the power that will heal the divide of our society. But just like we learn from all of those Marvel movies and CW shows, it takes bravery to stand up and use your superpower.

It also takes humility for empathy to really be effective. You have to meet the other person and at least be open to understand their perspective of an experience. You don’t have to agree with it, but understanding that they have their perspective is enough to begin to really start seeing them.

When we start seeing each other, we will see that we are all human beings, sharing this one planet. When we can see that they are as human as we are, rather than just being ideas of an enemy, then we will realize that solutions are needed for all of us, rather than just merely divisions.

Empathy can help us to come together and agree on solutions for all. That’s pretty super.

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