Change it

It seems to me that the worst part of standing around complaining about something is that you’re wasting time convincing yourself how bad it is, rather than doing something to improve the situation.

Complaining has actually been proven to be bad for your mental and physical health. It brings on all sorts of issues, like damaging your brain’s memory functions, and raising your body’s stress hormones, among other things. It’s just a really dangerous habit. What’s worse, is that it’s totally unnecessary.

If something isn’t right in your world, then it’s much more effective to either do something to fix it, or to focus on something that is right in your world. Not taking these actions, but instead just complaining about what’s wrong, is such a weakening choice.

Jim Rohn had a great quote about this. He said: If you don’t like how things are, change it. You are not a tree.

So, don’t just stand around complaining about it, change it, or move on to something better.

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