Look for the Good

The media and social networks have been showing a lot of people with bad behavior lately, and it can feel like the whole world has gone topsy-turvy. And while there are a whole bunch of folks who have indeed decidedly lost their minds (with the video to prove it), we need to remember that it’s really just a tiny slice of life.

It’s just a little snippet of humanity gone wrong, but it gets blasted all over the media because that’s what gets the most attention. And being such a great attention grab, it becomes mighty attractive to certain folks craving that attention, so they end up acting a fool as well, only to add to the chaos.

What if, instead of feeding the dumpster fire that the media and internet try to pass off as the whole story, what if we chose instead to see the light in people? What if we chose to pay more attention to all of the goodness that is continuously happening around us?

I believe that we’d then see there is much more good than crazy in this world. And giving more attention to the light in people would encourage so many more to shine theirs ever brighter.

Let’s look for the good, and see the light in others.

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