In my lifetime I’ve seen a complete turnaround in how the idea of meditation is viewed.

It’s a not a new phenomenon. The act of meditation is as old as mankind.

But when I was young, it was only talked about in esoteric circles. And, there weren’t a lot of esoteric circles in my typical 80’s American neighborhood.

What a shame.

The fact is that mediation is not really so mysterious, but it is mystical. It’s slowing down your thoughts, and giving your mind a space to rest.

It should be a normal practice for everyone in every so-called normal neighborhood.

It’s a habit as necessary as brushing your teeth.

All it takes is giving yourself a few minutes to be quiet, consciously breathe, and forget your thoughts for that short time.

You make that a habit, and you’ll begin to feel that peace that we all silently pine for.


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