Perhaps hitting your head against a brick wall isn’t the best choice.

Maybe you don’t need to always hustle.

And, what if the whole no pain no gain thing is not necessarily ideal?

Hard work is great for a lot of reasons, but ease can be just as valuable.

Life doesn’t always need to be a struggle.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking it easy on yourself.

Toddlers learn that game about fitting a square peg into a square hole, and a round peg into a round one.

If they try to force the wrong shape, it won’t work and they’ll struggle.

So, if that simple game is meant to teach cognition and motor skills in young humans, by learning the easiest way to fit shapes, then why do we think it’s so smart to force things we’re working on when we’re adults?

Maybe the easiest way is also the smartest. It’s just a thought.

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