Are We There Yet?

Anyone who has ever been on a family road trip has undoubtedly heard the often repeated question: Are we there yet?!

It’s impatient at best, and passive aggressive to say the least. Because if you’re looking out at nothing but highway and scenery, then you ain’t there yet.

Asking that question only makes the journey seem longer.

We often do something similar to ourselves in our own lives. Wanting to be more successful, wealthy, fit, we can get impatient and whine: why am I not there yet?!

But here’s the thing when it comes to life… the answer to the question, are we there yet, is always Yes.

Wherever you go, there you are.

And you are always at the exact place you should be in that moment, figuratively and literally.

Your life, your power, is now, right here.

Get in it. Be aware of it. Appreciate it.

And understand that the present moment is exactly where you can experience what you’ve been looking for.

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