Zero Sum

Life is not a zero sum game, where there is only so much to go around.

There is not some finite reservoir of “success” and “health” that gets depleted each time someone else gets a bit of it.

So, why do we all get jealous of other’s accomplishments as if their achievements take away from our own chances?

Or even worse, why do we dim our own light, because we don’t want to take away from the other, possibly more bitter and aggressive people?

This idea is easier to understand if you focus on health.

It’s should be pretty obvious that your good health doesn’t take away from someone else’s. And you can’t give your health to someone who is struggling with their own.

The same idea can be applied to success and abundance. The only limit to those things are our own perspectives on them.

Can we stop playing small and so jealous, and realize that life is not a zero sum game?

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