Our society is obsessed with youth and staying young.

It’s mostly for superficial reasons, and yet the best way to stay youthful is to be mentally present (hence not stuck in the past) and to remain ever teachable.

There is always something new to learn as long as you don’t believe you know it all already.

Thinking you know it all is only a surefire way to get you stuck right in a rut, to stop growing, and to start withering.

Being teachable keeps you fresh, ever evolving and renewing.

It takes a willingness to be humble, along with an effort to truly listen to others and their differing perspectives to be teachable, but it’s worth it.

Be willing to have that fresh beginner’s mentality, and allow yourself to be teachable.

With that, you’ll hold on to all of that treasured youthfulness that everyone raves over.

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