Cannot Judge

We’ve been told that we should not judge. But when we acknowledge the fact that we simply never know the whole story about anything, then it’s evident that we actually cannot judge.

We just don’t have enough information or evidence to be able to properly judge another person. There is always more to the story than what we think we know.

Admitting this then leads you to realize that you cannot judge another.

So, go easy on yourself, and drop the superior act. It’s a lot of stress on yourself to sit in judgement, anyway. Once you cast stones of judgement, it only puts you smack dab in the center of a glass house just begging to get shattered by someone else’s stones.

It’s just not the wisest move to judge others based only on what you perceive has happened. And it’s definitely not the way to peace.

So, since it is so foolish to judge, given that you don’t know the whole story, and since it will sacrifice your peace, you need to realize that it’s not a matter of whether you should or shouldn’t, it’s a fact that you absolutely cannot judge.

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