It’s so easy to place the blame for things going wrong on other people.

It’s the others that are looking at the world wrong, and it’s those others who are ruining the world for us.

But I believe that nothing is ever going to get solved until we start realizing that we are only just the others to them. As long as we keep them separate from us, and point our fingers at them, then they are perfectly positioned to only point their fingers at us.

This great divide solves nothing.

The solutions are found in the acknowledgment of unity. We are all united in this one race of humanity, sharing this one small planet.

By the way, the beauty of living on a round planet, is the fact that there are no edges. There are no sides. All of the borders are purely arbitrary and imaginary.

And ultimately, those other people who live on the other side of any given border, are still only people, just like you and me.

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