Grace is more than just a short prayer to say before a meal, it can be a way of life.

Grace is showing kindness, love, and respect as often as you can, even if it seems undeserved. Grace is all about giving more than receiving. It’s an elegant and charming intention.

It has a personal meaning for me. The first place I ever lived all on my own, was on this charming, narrow, winding, steep, and magical street in the Hollywood Hills, called Grace Ave. The instant I went to see that hillside apartment for rent, I knew it was meant to be where I would begin the adventure of my life. And living on Grace was symbolic for the life I chose for myself.

A lot of time has passed since then, and I live on a different street on a different hill now, yet not far from there. I may not live on Grace anymore, but I still choose to live with Grace, showing kindness, love and respect as often as I can.

It’s an elegant and dignified intention. We could all live with a little more Grace in our lives.

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