It feels like humans are all up in everyone else’s business online, dissecting every word and action, and yet in real life they ignore each other, thoughtlessly moving through others like they’re merely obstacles. Courtesy seems to be a lost art form. Technology is eroding humanity.

Perhaps we should switch our focus away from online, and back towards real life, if there’s any chance at saving humanity. And perhaps this moment in time, of a global pandemic shutting things down and requiring “social distancing” is actually a moment that’s providing the best training ground to accomplish this much needed course correction.

We may be asked to limit our gatherings to small groups right now, but then that just might help make it easier to practice meaningful real life interactions with the few people we do see. Zoom gatherings are definitely weird and awkward, but perhaps that’s also a great lesson to exemplify that online interactions are weird and awkward, and should never be a true substitute for real life human relations.

The fact is, that everyone is still figuring out how to do modern life. But courtesy and humanity need to be preserved and cherished no matter what.

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