Trust the Divine

I just received, hot off the press, a brand new book from Dr. Wayne Dyer. The fact that it is a new book by him, is a bit of a miracle, because he passed away peacefully in his sleep five years ago. The truth is that the incredible team at Hay House created this new book, titled The Power of Awakening, using his own words of wisdom that they collected from his writings and presentations.

2020… This has been an extremely challenging year for all of us, and the fact is, that we could all use a bit of Wayne Dyer’s wisdom at this time in history. Personally, I have looked to him as a spiritual mentor throughout my entire adult life, even though I never had the chance to actually meet him. Even though he has passed on, I still turn to his teachings for the times I need a bit of wisdom, and like magic, he always knows what to say.

That’s why I was so excited when I found out there was a brand new, fresh book of his words that I could consume and cherish. It arrived today, on election day in the U.S. As soon as I unwrapped my new Wayne Dyer book, I decided to start reading it immediately, as a perfect distraction from the TV talking heads with all of their nail-biting, early vote-count prognostics.

Of course this book would arrive today.

And of course I would read “new” words from him today, when the entire nation is anxious over the election results.

These are the exact words I read just now, from the heavenly Dr. Wayne Dyer: “You must allow yourself to trust the Divine. Surrender and become unattached to how things come out, even though this can be very difficult. You simply have to be: Be at peace. Be at joy. Be at bliss.”

Now, some people may think that the timing of me getting a new book, published posthumously from one of my spiritual heroes, and reading this perfectly timed lesson on this tremendously anxious day, is merely a coincidence. But those of us who understand the true nature of the Universe, know that this timing is truly divine. These were the soothing words that I needed to hear more than anything at this moment in time.

Thank you, Wayne, for always being there when I need you. May these words reach whoever else needs to hear them at this same very moment.

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