I think the biggest scam going around, is the way people can so easily be convinced to forget that we are all connected.

Just think about logistics here for a second. There are over seven billion of us: living, breathing, human beings. Yet we all have to share this one – fairly small, and extremely vulnerable – blue and green planet. This little rock, that is just floating around in the abyss of space.

From a high level overview, it’s humbling to think about how fragile our defenses are for survival. From a low level, it almost embarrassing to think about how petty and moronic humans can be over imaginary borders, considering we could all perish with a simple shift in the earth’s axis.

We are all connected. Just think about biology. Currently, AI (for the most part), is still only science fiction. This means that human beings are still the reigning champions of earth, and the top of the food chain. As far as we know, there’s not a different type of being participating in our societies. It’s just us humans. And we all share the same fundamentals in biology.

In fact, because we all share the same basic stuff, under the hood (so to speak), medically we can donate and receive blood, tissue, and even organs, regardless of skin color or native region. Medically it’s feasible, but it’s not always accepted ideologically.

And that’s where we circle back to this great scam that I made reference to earlier. Even though we are all the same species, sharing this one vulnerable planet as a home, we get programmed to forget it. Instead, we’re conned into focusing on outward appearances and imaginary borders. It’s made up, and it’s stupid. It’s stupid because believing in our disparities, weakens us a species.

It’s been said that there is strength in unity. All we have to do to achieve unity, is to forget about our differences and acknowledge that we are all connected.

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