Towards Love

There are times when I let the hateful noise that I’ve convinced myself I’m hearing from the world scare me. I feel vulnerable, desperate and unsafe.

But those are times when I’ve merely created a dark, illusory vision of the world. It’s all in my head, made up of phantoms and paper tigers.

I’m actually the culprit then who is doing the scaring, especially when I get into the act of bracing against that phantom darkness. It can be exhausting defending against monsters you’ve created yourself.

The deception is powerful and far-reaching, because all I have to do is look around and see everyone else bracing against a dark world of their own creation. There is definitely power in numbers, and at a massive scale those imaginary monsters and paper tigers seem solid and unbreakable.

But all it takes to clear them away, is faith. Peace, safety, and love can be found by turning away from the illusions of a dark world, and towards the light and love of the Holy Spirit.

A Course in Miracles says: No one who truly seeks the peace of God can fail to find it.

The monsters are just an illusion, and so is the fear in believing in them. Turn away from fear, and towards love. You’re guaranteed to find it.

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