Do you realize that nothing seems to be changing in your life, or rather, nothing seems to be changing for the better, because you don’t really expect it to?

If you don’t expect good news, then how can it come to you? If you don’t expect positive change, well then you’re going to get what you do expect; a whole bunch of same ole, same ole. Change begins with your expectations. It begins by adjusting your perception to start seeing the positive changes you do want to see.

This isn’t some woo-woo, mystical magic. It’s science. It has to do with the Reticular Activating System of your brain, which is a bundle of nerves that filter out all of the outside data so that you are only aware of what you’ve decided to be aware of.

Decide on the world you want to see, and train your brain to see it. Everyone already naturally does this. They filter and only see what their brains are programmed to see. The thing is, most of us didn’t do the programming.

It’s your brain, you might as well train it to see the life that you want to see.

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