The Work

I used to worry until I was paralyzed in fear. Now, I’ve found a lot of relief in asking the questions that make up “The Work” that Byron Katie teaches.

When a worrisome thought hits me now, I’ll ask:

Is it true?

Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

What happens when I believe that thought?

Who would I be without that thought?

Those four questions are the basics for “The Work”. The first two questions almost immediately calm me down, because they remind me that I cannot possibly know that any worry of mine is absolutely, positively, one-hundred percent true. If I can’t know that whatever I’m worried about is really true, then it makes it pretty hard to hold on to that worry thought.

Doing this work has considerably cut down on the amount of worry thoughts that pass through my mind. I still get them, because I’m a well-practiced worrier. But when I do I’m so grateful to be able to simply question them, and take their power away.

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