Decide what you are going to do to have the life that you want to live, and then do it. Don’t just stop at wanting that life.

If all you do is stay in the wanting phase, then you end up letting all kinds of noise and outside distractions keep you from ever achieving it.

If all you do is want something, without ever deciding that it must be, then you make it incredibly difficult to ever get started. Perhaps, you let yourself procrastinate for the weekend thinking you’ll get on track come Monday. But Monday comes, with all of it’s Monday Madness, and you don’t quite start. So you figure, you’ll just get through the hectic week, and then pick it up for yourself next weekend. But by the weekend you’re tired. You want to rest. And besides, you never did quite decide that you must achieve your dreams, you merely just wanted them to happen for you.

Decide that you will achieve them, and then do whatever it takes to do so. Otherwise, the aimless noise of life will tragically decide something much more mediocre for you.

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