Self Respect

We need people. We need to develop, foster, and nurture our relationships.

Relationships are vital. They are the foundation of a successful and joyous life.

But if you find yourself in a situation that’s possibly toxic, where you do not want to know the people around you, and you just want to retreat and isolate yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re some super introvert. It may be that your inner wisdom is telling you to find a new tribe of (toxic-free) people, ones you more easily connect with, and form relationships with them.

Don’t hide into yourself to tolerate those people you don’t even want to know. Get out of that situation, and find the right kind of folks for you. We’re blessed with seven billion (PLUS!) souls on this planet, and counting. You have options.

A toxic job, just because it’s a job, or a toxic church, just because that’s just where your family has always attended, or even a toxic family, because they are blood, should never cause you to want to retreat and isolate, feeling like you will never be able to express who you are, or enjoy being alive.

Keeping that status quo just for them is not worth it. Most likely, if it is such a toxic situation, then the rest of the people don’t want to be with each other either. And if you leave, they might end up being nasty towards you, but they will most likely also wish they had enough self respect to do the same and get out themselves.

Relationships are vital, but they are never an excuse to tolerate toxic behavior.

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