As I look back at my day, I notice that the times I felt the most ease and at peace, were the times I was just in the moment. I wasn’t lost in thought. My attention wasn’t being pulled by something online. I wasn’t stuck up in my head. Time had no meaning, and I wasn’t trying to make anything happen. I was simply responding to what was happening in the moment. Those were the moments in my day that felt like bliss.

That’s what regular meditation has done for me. It’s helped me to get used to detaching from the pull of thoughts, and experience the present moment, even if it is for just a quick moment each time I practice.

Because I know what that offers, I am starting to let more of those moments be a regular experience for me, all throughout the day. It’s a chance to experience ease, peace and bliss.

That’s why all the great teachers recommend meditation. I’m starting to get it now. Even though I’m just a regular guy, I also recommend it to anyone reading this.

Try to sit still for a few minutes, ease up from your thoughts, and notice the present moment. Practice this so that the feeling is familiar. This practice is all that mediation is. Simple and easy. Offering ease and peace.

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