Light is Life

Light is Life. Just look at our plants and pets. They naturally go towards the sunlight. I love the sight of somebody’s doggie or cat catching a power nap in the sun. It looks so delicious and they seem pretty darn smart to know how to enjoy it so much.

Last year I was shocked to learn that among the list of ailments I suffered from working at a toxic job, was a blood test revealing that I had dropped to 0% vitamin D registering. My doctor did one of those classic movie double-takes from the chart to me and back to the chart. He told me that my vitamin D reading is what they find in people who have been trapped in caves or stuck in coal mines, basically anyone who has been hidden from the sun for an extended period of time, and then he marveled at how I didn’t have any broken bones.

Well, I hadn’t been stuck in a coal mine, but I had been stuck behind a bank of computer monitors, far from any sunlight, working 13-16 hours a day at a thankless job while desperately trying to “make it work” for unworthy personalities.

By the way, besides causing weak and aching bones, pale skin, and loss of appetite, a vitamin D deficiency brings on fatigue and depression. This only made that bad job situation feel even worse. The definition of adding insult to injury.

What I really needed was to go stretch and lay in the sun. To step into the light from above. To do what I knew was good for me, like those genius little pets and all of those thriving houseplants instinctively know.

Once I started to mindfully get out into the sun, life felt like it was worth living again.

Now, currently, most of us are on some kind of home-stay lockdown while the world deals with this Coronavirus pandemic. But, even still, I encourage you to find a way to get some sun each day while keeping mindful of social distancing. If there’s anything I’ve learned from sacrificing my days, daylight and health before, it’s that we need sunlight to thrive and stay healthy.

Remember, Light is Life

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